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Early Childhood Education and Care

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, a child experiences fast advancement and growth around the age of 8, which is often referred to as early childhood. These years are considered crucial because during this time a child’s developing brain is shaped into a mature brain by experiences, education, and abilities. Parents, primary teachers, and nursery teachers all contribute significantly at this stage. A degree in early childhood education and care is truly necessary to understand this.

The International College of Victoria (ICV) and the Victorian Government are working together to enable eligible Victorian professionals who wish to upgrade their skills and become certified early childhood educators. These programmes can be finished in a shortened amount of time, ranging from 18 months to two years. Courses are taught using a blend of online, in-person, and intense study choices, and past learning and work experience are taken into consideration.

While they study, students (educators) can continue working.

There are financial aid packages that can assist with course costs, study materials, and other costs. There may also be paid research and placement leaves available. This will enable students to further their education who otherwise would not be able to.

Additionally, qualified students have access to coaching and mentorship to assist them in finishing their studies.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Who may participate in the programme?
  2. With a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care online or another credential recognised by ACECQA,
  3. The students should also be working for a qualified early childhood organisation in Victoria that offers (or plans to offer) a sponsored kindergarten programme.
  4. There are additional requirements for each programme choice.

Requirements For Entry

Although the training package (CHC) does not specify any admission requirements, ICV asks that all candidates satisfy the following qualifications:

  • Candidates should be at least 18 years of age.
  • The language, literacy, and numeracy criteria are met; LLN entrance testing and a pre-training evaluation are conducted by ICV during the enrollment process and students must pass this entry test as well.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Potential domestic and international students can apply for acknowledgment of their current competencies that are pertinent to the program’s competency modules. The number of units needed to accomplish the qualification may be lowered as a result of the skills and information that may have been acquired through on-the-job training or experience. Prior to enrolling, it is advised that students inform ICV of their interest in or intend to apply for RPL.

Note: ICV provides government-funded early childhood education and care training courses. These free certification courses for early childhood education are available to eligible students all over Australia.


Students who earn this certification successfully may continue their education in one of the following ways:
Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma, CHC50121

Employment Routes

Candidates who effectively finish Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education online or from the campus programme have access to the following career paths:

  • Family Day Care Educator
  • Centre-based Assistant
  • Playgroup Supervisor
  • Centre-based Educator
  • Recreation Assistant

The Front Project’s Upskill Program

Throughout its Upskill Program, the Victorian Government is collaborating with The Front Project to assist 100 certified Victorian educators in upgrading their skills to become licenced early childhood educators.

For the course of their studies, early childhood professionals with a diploma who are pursuing a degree will have complimentary access to the programme. The Upskill Program offers assistance to students in the following areas:

  • Professional guidance and peer-to-peer assistance from seasoned mentors.
  • Certain webinars
  • Office sessions with an Upskill Program Manager every two weeks.
  • Accessibility to the online community where they may interact, cooperate and exchange with other students and experts from the industry.
  • A variety of online resources to help you succeed going forward.
  • Accessibility to the Front Project that is completely financed for the course of their degree.

Who Can Apply?

Because of a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care or a certificate program recognised by ACECQA who is also implemented by an eligible to receive early childhood service in Victoria that provides (or plans to provide) a funded kindergarten program and who aims to finish a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education recognised by ACECQA and collaborate as an early childhood teacher in Victoria and who are prepared to start studying in mid-2022 or early 2023.
Due to the limited number of spots available, students who encounter upskilling hurdles will be given priority.


Childhood Education and Care is a vast field in Australia and ICV can help you achieve the best job in the state. You may discover the best course and receive ongoing assistance with the admissions process from our team of knowledgeable education and migration advisers. Their expertise may make your approach stand out and increase the likelihood that it will be accepted in the face of fierce competition. Their advice will be invaluable as you make plans for your life in Australia following your time as a student. To hasten your entry into the International College of Victoria, schedule a free consultation now.

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