BSB80120 – Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply highly specialised knowledge and skills in the field of organizational learning and capability development. Individuals in these roles generate and evaluate complex ideas. They also initiate, design and execute major learning and development functions within an organization. Typically, they would have full responsibility and accountability for the personal output and work of others.

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This course is targeted at international students who are:

➢ coming from various backgrounds or industries
➢ Mature age (at least 20 years of age)
➢ International students (off – share or on -shore)
➢ Having various level of skill and knowledge
➢ New starter in the organisation willing to upskill.
➢ Individual looking for career change or finding new job under Job
training initiative.



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Whilst there are no entry requirements stipulated in the training package (BSB80120 Graduate

Diploma of Management (Learning) ICV requires its applicants to meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of senior high school to the Australian Year 12 or equivalent
  • 18 years or older at commencement of course
  • English proficiency requirement for International Student either off-shore or on-shore will require:i) Either a minimum IELTS (General) test score of 5.5 or equivalent for direct entry into a VET course.

or, IELTS score of 5.0 or equivalent with an ELICOS course (up to 10 weeks) to be taken before the main VET course;

or, IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent with an ELICOS course (up to 20 weeks) to be taken before the main VET course;

IELTS equivalent tests include PTE and TOEFL. Results older than two years are not acceptable.

or, Pearson Test of English Academic – score 43+

or, Cambridge English: Advanced CAE from Cambridge ESOL Test Scores –162

or, TOEFL paper based test – Score 527

or, TOEFL internet based test – Score 46


ii) provide evidence that they have studied in English for at least five years in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States


iii) provide evidence that, within two years of their application date, they have successfully completed in Australia a foundation course or a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or completed diploma level qualification in Australia.


Code Title    Core/


Total Amount

Of Training

Self- paced


BSBHRM613 Contribute to the development of learning and development strategies Core 120 40
BSBLDR811 Lead strategic transformation Core 100 40
TAELED803 Implement improved learning practice Core Elective Elective
BSBSTR802 Lead strategic planning processes for an Organisation Elective


120 40
BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving Elective 100 40
BSBFIN801 Lead financial strategy development Elective 100 40
BSBHRM611 Contribute to organisational performance development Elective 100 40
BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change Elective 120 40
Total Hours Amount of Training 880 320



International College of Victoria (ICV) will conduct an LLN assessment upon enrolment or before course commencement, using the online LLN system called “LLN Robot”. The entry-level LLN ACSF 5 is required for Graduate level qualification. It is usual for all learners to do LLN test on orientation day or prior to that to assess their Language, Literacy, and Numeracy level. International College of Victoria will provide extra external teaching support (cost may occur) and provide additional resources for students with low levels of LLN before they commence the course. ICV will provide additional support for learners having low levels of LLN. (For detail see LLN support in the learning support section and for further detail please refer to student support policy and procedures)


Additional Requirements:

ICV will conduct an LLN assessment. The applicant must obtain the required ACSF Entry Level in the LLN assessment to enrol in this qualification as follows:

  • Reading 5
  • Writing 5
  • Oral Communication 5
  • Numeracy 5

*Refer to LLN Policy & Procedure for more information
• Undertake a pre-training review at the time of enrolment.
• Applicants should possess basic computer and telecommunication skills



Student needs to fulfill the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) student visa condition to remain in Australia on a student visa. Student also needs to maintain their attendance visa condition during their study period as per their student visa condition. (For detail see Visa Condition policy and refer to student course progress and attendance policy).


Students will be required to undertake a Pre-Training Review (PTR) upon enrolment or before the commencement of Training and Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to determine the amount of training to be provided to each learner with regard to:

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• The existing skills, knowledge and the experience of the learner
• The mode of delivery; and
• Where a full qualification is not being delivered, the number of units and/or modules
being delivered as a proportion of the full qualification.
• Acertain that the proposed learning strategies and materials are appropriate for that
• Ascertain that the qualification is suitable, for that student to enrol in, based on the
individual’s existing educational attainment, capabilities, aspirations and interests and
with due consideration of the likely job outcomes from the development of new
competencies and skills.

In addition, students will be required to undertake a Language Literacy and Numeracy assessments through LLN Robot


The volume of learning of a Graduate Diploma is typically 1 – 2 years. Students will participate in a total of 1200 hours of total volume of learning. This includes 880 hours of scheduled training, over four terms, 320 hours of self-paced learning (self-paced log) which may involve research, reading their textbooks, class materials, and completing assessment tasks that are not done in class such as role play, observation, and completing the assessment work.
Students will be required to attend 20 scheduled course contact hours per week.

  1. One Term duration = 11 weeks
  2. Total term break time = 8 weeks
  3. Including Christmas Holiday time = 4 weeks


Pathways from the qualification

Successful completion may enable the student to apply for bachelor or degree Level courses at other institution

  • Graduate Diploma of Management (learning)
  • Bachelor/Master in Business Administration
  • Other Master’s program

Employment Pathways

After successfully completing the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) Employment pathways may include

  • Operational Manager
  • Learning and development consultant
  • Learning and leadership manager.
  • Staff development manager in the training and development department.
  • RTO/ Training manager
  • Workforce Planner
  • Educational Professional working within an RTO